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Remember, it's the nuts that make the tree worth shaking.
Our Family Tree
Alabama Cousins Lundgrens 1913
Balkums 1906 Austin, TX
Carolyn's Tree
Allison Tree
Anderson Tree
Birath Tree
Clem Tree
Enders Tree
Lundgren Tree
Taylor Tree
Lee's Tree
Carolyn's Photos
Lee's Photos
She's a Corker
The Little Buds
Carolyn's Roots
  • Pedigree Chart
  • Researching Family Names of: (Links to Family Trees, others see Pedigree Chart)
  • Farrow
  • Ferguson
  • Field
  • Fleuriau
  • Floyd
  • Gray
  • Harper
  • Harrison
  • Hilton
  • Howland
  • Hutchins
  • Johnson
  • Kylander
  • Lewis
  • Lundgren
  • Manson
  • Martin
  • Pegram
  • Phillips
  • Pike
  • Pintard
  • Richardson
  • Ruckman
  • Seaton
  • Stockton
  • Swift
  • Taylor
  • Thompson
  • Vining
  • Wade
  • West
  • White
  • Williams
  • Witham
Lee's Roots
  • Balkum
  • Bass
  • Bilderback
  • Boyd
  • Buschier
  • Cagle
  • Cothran
  • Dungee
  • Ezell
  • Hemingway
  • Jones
  • Jordan
  • Lanier
  • Malone
  • Martin
  • Moody
  • Riser
  • Shepart
  • Sloan
  • Tucker
  • Lee's Family Photos
  • The Little Buds: The little buds that have popped out all over our tree, those who have budded, those who have bloomed and those who have faded. (formerly known as "The Babies Page.")

Genealogy Links

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

We Love RootsWeb

The SurnameWeb

Surname Links:

I manage the Enders Email List at Rootsweb. To subscribe just send an email to:


with only the word SUBSCRIBE in the body. It is not necessary to put anything in the subject line.

A great big "thank you"............
I have been playing in my "Family Tree" for almost 30 years. It has always been fun but I want to particularly thank the specific relatives who have done so much of the work to get me where I am now:
  • My Great Aunt Mattie Lou Harris, for the information on the Clem and Allison Families;
  • Mr. William B. Newby of Huntsville, Alabama, for his work on the Clem Tree;
  • My Aunt Louise Adcock for telling me I had a "signer" of the "Declaration of Independence" in my family somewhere;
  • Cousin Maymie Cocreham Nitchke, for her work on the Taylor Family;
  • To my parents, John and Helen Enders, who encouraged me along the way in any way they could.
  • To the 1918 book "The Swedes in Texas" for it's detailed narratives and comprehensive family portraits;
  • To my in-laws, Eddie and Berthold Balkum, who lit the burning fire;
  • To the early Taylor, Stockton, Hutchins cousins, and also those from other families;
  • And to all those others, who answered my endless questions;
  • A special thank you to all my new-found cousins: Chris, Flo, Karon, Harry, Sue, Lydia, Kris, Charlie, Hans, Cathy, Lydia, Juanita, Dana, Thomas...

Please email me.
I'd love to hear from you.

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