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Stephen and Alexander
Alexander runs the "478" at SWLS Meet in Houston October, 1999

Becky, Helen and Carolyn
Becky, Helen and Carolyn attend Hyllningsfest in Lindsborg, KS in Oct. '99

Ashley on a pony
Ashley on a pony at Matthew's Birthday Party

Kursten, Yvonne and Jack
Kursten, Yvonne and Jack at the Family Picnic

Kailynn's First Dance Recital, age 4, May '99

The Archives can now be found in a collage. Click on the collage number below. Photos on each page can be identified left to right and top to bottom as it appears.
Here's a fun thing to do. Make it your wallpaper and rotate them every week or month. Right click on the picture and left click on "set as wallpaper." Voila! (I have Collage #1 on my desktop now.)
Collage No. 1
1. Alexander, Ashley and Kailynn
2. Kursten and Ashley at the Houston Zoo
3. John on Father's Day 1998 with his new engine
4. Carroll with granddaughter Krissie and new grandson Cody
5. Becky on the little Boxcab on Bing's track
6. Kailynn visits Krissi and Cody
7. Soccer star Alexander
8. Kursten sampling hats
9. Oops! Someone needs to look where she's going
10.Kailynn loves Easter candy
11.Stephen loved that old tree, boo hoo
12.Helen gives the new engine a spin
13.Kailynn and Gramma in Rain Forest Cafe at Grapevine Mills

Collage No. 2
1. Scott on his grandfather's Mike
2. Scott laughs with Santa, 8 years old
3. Lee repairs Leatherwood's track
4. Stephen 11 years old with Santa
5. Krissi and Alexander in the wildflowers at Manor
6. John and Cody
7. Kailynn at Grapevine Mills, July 1998
8. Easter family reunion 1998, Lacy, Cody, Krissi, Kailynn, Aric, Denver, Travis, Ryan, Lauren, Paige, Alexander, Ashley, Kursten, Cynthia
9. Carolyn on her diesel a few years ago
10.Kursten's Baptism, Scott, Pastor Otterstad, Kursten, Cynthia
Collage No. 3
1. Kailynn decorates Gramma's tree in 1998
2. Stephen receives his Winnebago in 1973
3. Lundgren Christmas in 1992
4. Stephen and Alexander at the computer
5. Kursten decorates Gramma's Christmas tree in 1998
6. Those feet sure have an attitude
7. Granddad reads to Alexander's kindergarten class
8. Christmas 1997, Berthold and great grandchildren
9. Alexander would sit for hours on an engine, even when not running
10.Valentine's Dance, Lee and Carolyn in 1981
11.Stephen on his Grandfather's Mike
12.Kursten, Scott and Cynthia, Christmas 1998
13.Scott's train set
Collage No. 4
1. Kailynn makes sand angel, Alexander looks on
2. Kursten at Church Easter Egg Hunt-1999
3. Scott holds veil at Cathy and Cade's wedding-1980
4. Christmas 1998, Kailynn, Alexander, Ashley, Lori and Stephen
5. Rub-a-dub-dub 3 girls in a tub, Kursten, Kailynn and Ashley
6. Alexander and Granddad ride the 786 for Alexander's 6th birthday
7. Christmas 1998, Alexander, Kailynn, Ashley, Kursten
8. Kailynn at her first dance recital, 1999, 4 years old.
Collage No. 5
1. Alexander and his granddad at a Dublin meet
2. Kursten, Yvonne and Jack and 1999 Family Union
3. Carroll in his race car. We all loved it. John made it. 4. Ashley on a pony at Matthew's birthday party. 5. Ashley, Kailynn, Lori, Alexander, Lori's grandmother Edith, and Stephen


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