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Your ears weren't designed to be closed, but your mouth was.


Christmas 2001
Christmas 2001
Standing L/R: Allison(held), Scott, Cynthia, Lee, Carolyn, Lori, Stephen, Alexander
Seated L/R: Kursten, Kailynn, Ashley


The most important thing in life
is to love someone.
The second most important thing
is to have someone love you.
The third most important thing
is to have the first two happen
at the same time.

A long time ago
Carolyn and Lee November 4, 1967

also a long time ago
Our sons, Stephen and Scott,
When they were five and three
Boys! Boys! Boys!
We thank Thee, God, for the gift of them;
For the glorious reach and the lift of them;
For the gleam in them and the dream in them;
For the things they teach and the cords they reach;
For the ways of them and the blaze of them.

Boys! Boys! Boys! And we thank Thee, God,
For the light in them; And the might in them;
For the urge in them; For the surge in them;
For the thoughts they wake and the paths they break;
For the gong in them and the song in them.


Our sons have given us the best daughters-in-law possible
and we love them as if they were our own daughters.



And they have given us the most beautiful grandchildren anyone could hope for:

Our grandchildren

John and Helen
Carolyn's Parents
John & Helen
Ed and Berthold
Lee's Parents
Berthold & Eddie

(1915-2000) & (1916-1996)


A favorite hobby of mine is Gardening

Kailynn and Alexander
Gramma gets lots of help
        I like growing flowers and vegetables,
getting my hands dirty and doing
yard work.

"Consider the lilies of the field, how
they grow; they neither toil nor spin;
yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his
glory was not arrayed like one of
these." -- Matthew 6:28 --

"...flowers are the sweetest things
God ever made and forgot to put a
soul into..."

-Henry Ward Beecher-

Visit my Page on Gardening

I also admit to being a complete news and political junkie. With the advent of the computer, there is limitless access to both. Please visit my Political Page.

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