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My Family Tree


Genealogy of Cynthia Balkum

Researching family names Bray, Cooper, Corley, Finto, Hawkins, Kirby, Locke, Maize, Mize, Ogan, Reiman, Rich, Smith, Vonzyk

1. Cynthia
Lynn Corley

  1. Take the number of any person and double that number. Look just to the right and that number is their father. Double any person's number and add 1 (+1) and that is the mother.
  2. Click on the name to jump to the biographical sketch
  3. Vital statistics are not given for anyone still living. (S/L)
  4. Biographical Sketches

2.Danny Corley
4.Thurman Corley
8.Walter Corley
9.Minnie Leller Kirby
5.Lenora Smith
10.Robert A. Smith
20.Frank Smith
21.Mary -?-
11.Callie Mae Rich
22.A. B. Rich
23.Mary Jane -?-
3.Mary Bray
6.Ramon Bray
12.James P. Bray
24.James C. Bray
48.Peter Bray
96.Benjamin Bray
97.Catherine Ogan
49.Elizabeth Maize
25.Mary Ann Cooper
13.Mary Hawkins
26.Thomas Hawkins
27.Anna Mize
7.Adline Finto
14.Frank Finto
28.John Finto
29.Lorinda Locke
58.Benjamin Locke
59.Elizabeth Lyons
15.Agnes Reiman
31.Mary F. Reiman
62.Stanislash Reiman
63.Mary Ann Vonzyk

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 1.Cynthia Lynn Corley married Scott Lane Balkum. Parents are Danny Earl Corley, and Mary Louise Bray. Scott Lane Balkum married Cynthia Lynn Corley. Parents are Cleveland Lee Balkum and Carolyn Marie Enders

1. Kursten Lyn Balkum S/L
2. Allison Lane Balkum S/L

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My Parents

Dad 87 2. Danny Earl Corley, born Oct 23, 1946 Baird, Texas. He married Mary Louise Bray July 20, 1968. He died Oct 23, 1988 Bedford, Texas. Parents are Thurman Carry Corley and Lenora Smith. Mom 11-90 3. Mary Louise Bray married Danny Earl Corley. Parents are Ramon Lewis Bray and Adline Helen Finto.

1. Cynthia Lynn Corley S/L
2. Lisa Michelle Corley S/L

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My Grandparents

4. Thurman Carry Corley, born September 1, 1909 in Winnsboro, Texas. He married Lenora Smith. He died in Texas October 9,1970. His parents are Walter Lee Corley and Minnie Leller Kirby 5. Lenora Smith born February 16, 1916, Texas. She married Thurman Carry Corley. She died Jan 5, 1990, in Longview, Texas. Her parents are Robert Alexander Smith and Callie Mae Rich.

1. Cary Robert Corley
2. Morris Lynn Corley S/L
3. Mona Colleen S/L
4. Paul Steven Corley
5. Danny Earl Corley

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6. Ramon Lewis Bray born Sep 14, 1909 in Fulton Co, Arkansas. He married Adline Helen Finto on Feb 4, 1943. He died July 18, 1974, George West, Texas. His parents are James Peter Bray and Mary Catherine Hawkins 7. Adline "Addie" Helen Finto was born Dec 6, 1916. in Annarose, Texas. She died Nov 13, 1984 in Lawton, OK and is buried at the Clegg Cemetery, Clegg, Texas. Her parents are Frank Finto and Agnes Gertrude Reiman

1. Richard Bray S/L
2. Jerry Bray S/L
3. Agnes Bray S/L
4. Mary Louise Bray S/L
5. George Bray S/L

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My Great Grandparents

8. Walter Lee Corley married Minnie Leller Kirby.  He was born 17 Apr 1869 in Texas.  Died 6 Feb 1918, Texas. 9. Minnie Leller Kirby married Walter Lee Corley. She was born 24 Jul 1874 in Alabama. She died 4 Mar 1931 in Clyde, Texas.

1. Thurman Carry Corley
2. Walter Corley
3. Vernon Corley
4. Albert Corley
5. C.F. Corley
6. Lundy Corley
7. Vena Corley
8. Rosie Corley
9. Lillie Corley

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10. Robert Alexander Smith married Callie Mae Rich. His parents are Frank Smith and Mary ? 11. Callie Mae Rich married Robert Alexander Smith. Her parents are A.B. Rich and Mary Jane ?

Their Children:
1. Carl Smith
2. Nan Smith
3. Lenora Smith

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12. James Peter Bray, born in Byron, AR on May 10, 1883. He married Mary Catherine Hawkins on Nov 16, 1900 in Byron, AR. He died Dec 1974 at Salem, AR. His parents are James Calvin Bray and Mary Ann Cooper 13. Mary Catherine Hawkins, born Dec 5, 1886. She died May 1983 Salem, AR. Her parents are Thomas Hawkins and Anna Mize

 Mary Catherine Hawkins

Their children:
1. Ramon Lewis Bray
2. Thomas Calvin Bray, born 1906.
3. Cora Eunice Bray, born 1904
4. Lester Leland Bray, born 1908
5. Winfield Eugene Bray, born 1912
6. Vada Ann Bray, born 1917

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14. Frank Finto born Nov 26, 1873 married Agnes Gertrude Reiman Dec 18, 1907 He died July 19, 1919 in Alice, Texas, and is buried at the Clegg Cemetery in Clegg, Texas. His parents are John Finto and Lorinda Locke 15. Agnes Gertrude Reiman, born Jan 17, 1884 in Helena, Texas. She died Jul 15, 1967 in Alice, Texas, and is buried at the Clegg Cemetery, Clegg, Texas. Her parents are unknown and Mary Francis Reiman

Their children:
1. Rosie Finto
2. Sam Louis Finto, born Dec 1908
3. Francis Finto, born Feb 1911
4. Annie Finto, born Aug 1914
5. Lillie Mae Finto, born Oct 1918
6. Adline Helen Finto

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My Great Great Grandparents

20. Frank Smith married Mary ? 21. Mary ? married Frank Smith

Their children are:
1. Bryan Smith
2. Emma Smith
3. Geneva Smith
4. Robert Alexander Smith

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22. A.B. Rich married Mary Jane ? 23. Mary Jane ? married A.B. Rich

Their children are:
1. Callie Mae Rich
2. William Rich
3. J.H. Rich
4. Minta Rich
5. Georgia Rich

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24. James Calvin Bray born May 18, 1860 Missouri, married Mary Ann Cooper abt 1881 in Izard Co., AR. His parents are Peter Bray and Sarah Elizbeth Maize. He died Mar 6, 1912 Union Cemetery, AR. 25. Mary Ann Cooper born Jan 17, 1862, AR died Apr 18, 1943 Fulton Co., AR.

Their children are:
1. James Peter Bray
2. Sally Elizabeth Bray

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26. Thomas Hawkins married Anna Mize. 27. Anna Mize married Thomas Hawkins

Their children are:
1. Phillip Hawkins
2. Mary Catherine Hawkins
3. Ely Hawkins

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28. John Finto born Nov 21, 1831 married Lorinda Locke Feb 10, 1866. He died Jan 12, 1905. 29. Lorinda Locke born 1845 Fulton Co, IL. Her parents Benjamin Locke and Elizabeth Lyons. She died 1881 in San Antonio, Texas.

Their children are:
1. Frank Finto, born 1873
2. George W. Finto, born Jun 1866
3. Sarah Finto, born 1867
4. Samuel Finto, born 1869
5. Martha Olive Finto, born 1871
6. John Finto, born 1875
7. Gertrude May Finto, Aug 1878
8. Anna Veronica Finto, born Jan 1881

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30. unknown 31. Mary Francis Reiman. was born Jul 3, 1861 in Rosenburg, Germany. She died Mar 12,1952 in Karnes Co, Texas. Her parents are Stanislash Reiman and Mary Ann Vonzyk

Their children are:
1. Agnes Gertrude Reiman

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My GR-GR-GR-Grandparents

48. Peter Bray, born Apr 27, 1827 in Grainger Co., TN. He married Sarah Elizabeth Maize. He died Jul 11, 1900 in Fulton Co., AR and is buried at Union Cemetery. Parents are Benjamin Bray and Catherine Ogan  49. Sarah Eliabeth Maize, born Sep 22, 1829 in Tennessee. Died Apr 29, 1921 Fulton Co., AR.

1. George W. Bray, born 1850
2. Troy Bray, born abt 1853
3. Polly Bray, born 1855
4. Benjamin Frankin Bray, born 1856
5. James Calvin Bray
6. Catherine Bray, born 1864
7. William Bray, born 1867
8. Alice Bray, born 1869
9. Sarah Elizabeth Bray, born 1872

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58. Benjamin Locke married Elizabeth Lyons? in 1829. 59. Elizabeth Lyons?

1. Lorinda Locke
2. Samuel H. Locke
3. Sarah Margaret Locke

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62. Stanislash Reiman was born May 1836 in Poland. Married Mary Anna Vonzyk 63. Mary Anna Vonzyk was born May 1837.

1. Mary Francis Reiman
2. Caroline Reiman
3. Joseph Reiman

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My GR-GR-GR-GR-Grandparents

96. Benjamin Bray was born abt 1793 in Tennessee. He married Catherine Ogan Apr 8, 1827 in Grainger Co., TN. He died abt 1865 and is buried in Cedar Co., Missouri. 97. Catherine Ogan was born Mar 6, 1797 in Virginia. She died on Aug. 23, 1891 and is buried in Cedar Co., Missouri.

1. Peter Bray
2. George W. Bray, born 1828
3. Alice Bray, born 1832
4. John Bray, born 1833
5. Hannah Bray, born abt 1837
6. William Bray, born abt 1839
7. James Bray, born abt 1841


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