1 cup whole pecans
1 teaspoon vinegar
3 egg whites
Pinch of salt
1 cup sugar
      1 zipper baggie
1 wooden spoon
1 tape
1 Bible

1. Preheat the oven to 300º.

2. Place pecans in zipper baggie and let your child(ren) or grandchildren beat them with the wooden spoon to break into small pieces. (Explain that after Jesus was arrested, He was beaten by the Roman soldiers. Read John 19:1-3)

3. Let each child smell the vinegar. Put 1 teaspoon vinegar into a mixing bowl. (Explain that when Jesus was thirsty on the cross he was given vinegar to drink. Read John 19:28-30).

4. Add egg whites to the vinegar. Eggs represent life. (Explain that Jesus gave His life to give us life. Read John 10:10-11).

5. Sprinkle a little salt into each child’s hand. Let them taste it and brush the rest into the bowl. (Explain this represents the salty tears shed by Jesus’ followers, and the bitterness of our own sins. Read Luke 23:27).

6. Add 1 cup sugar. (Explain the sweetest part of the story is Jesus died because He loves us. He wants us to know and belong to Him. Read Psalms 34:8 and John 3:16).
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