"Dedicated to my daddy"

My dad and I in 1946

That Dad of Mine

"He's slowing down," as some folks say,
With the burden of years, from day to day;
His brow bears many a furrowed line;
He's growing old--that Dad of mine.

His shoulders droop and his step is slow,
And his hair is white--as white as snow;
But blue eyes sparkle with friendly light
And his smile is warm and his heart is right.

He's old? Oh, yes! But only in years,
For his spirit soars as the sunset nears;
And blest I've been and wealth I've had,
In knowing a man like my old Dad.

And proud am I, to stand by him,
As he stood by me when the way was dim;
I've found him worthy and just and fine
And a Prince of men--that Dad of mine

Adam N. Reiter


Excerpt from "What Kind of Dad Are You?"
by Morris Chalfant

America is standing at a crossroads of history; our very survival as a nation may depend on the presence or absence of masculine leadership in millions of homes; leadership in the form of loving authority; leadership in the form of financial management; leadership in the form of spiritual training; and leadership in maintaining good marital relationships.

Sometimes there are effect of our influences that we may never know. Brook Adams kept a diary from his boyhood. One special day when he was 8 years old he wrote in his diary, "Went fishing with my father; the most glorious day of my life." Throughout the next 40 years of his life, he never forgot that day he went fishing with his father; he made repeatead reference to it in his diary, commenting on the influence of that day on his life.

Brook's father was an important man; he was Charles Francis Adams, the U.S. ambassador to Great Britain under the Lincoln administration. Interestingly, he too made a note in his diary about the fishing trip. He wrote simply, "Went fishing with my son; a day wasted."


Happy Fathers Day to my husband and my sons.

Last night my little boy confessed to me some childish wrong;
And kneeling at my knee, he prayed with tears,
"Lord, make me a man like Daddy--wise and strong.
I know You can."

Then while he slept, I knelt beside his bed,
Confessed my sins and prayed with low-bowed head,
"O God, make me a child like my child here;
Pure, guileless, trusting Thee with faith sincere."

I love you, Dad