"Happy Birthday"
Cathy - December 4th

Make a wish and blowwwwww!
Stephen         Alexander         John         Kailynn         Scott

Kursten - September 11, 1998 - 1 year old

Kursten's First Cake, Ashley looks on
Cynthia and Cousins
Scott and Ashley give her a hand.
John, Helen, Lisa and Alexander.

and blowwwwww!
Scott         Uncle Bob         Scott         John         Stephen

Kailynn - July 24, 1998 - 4 years old
Ashley - August 10, 1998 - 2 years old

Happy Birthday to Ashley and Kailynn
Grown-ups eat fajitas.
Amanda reads a story.
Ashley gets a gardening set.
Kailynn gets Barbies and more Barbies.
Lauren and Travis enjoy a swing.

and blowwwwww!
Lee         Helen         Lee         John         Lee

John - September 4, 1998 - 80 years old

John is surrounded by the kids.
Hollie, Becci, Denver, Krissi, Cody, Becky
Shirley, Everett, Katherine, Tor, Kay
Marty, Al, Wes, Sherilyn
Sandra, Helen, June, Yvonne
Pauline, Bob, Holly, Linden, LeeRoy

and blowwwwww!
Scott         Stephen         Scott         Carolyn         Scott

Alexander - April 19, 1998 - 5 years old

Alexander blows out the candles.
Ummmm. A Chocolate Cake locomotive
"Let's see. Gifts or cake first?"
Randy and Sandra look on.